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Launched in 2016, with support from Moose as a founding partner, the Deakin Child Study Centre’s AllPlay research program is designed to break down barriers. The aim is to empower the medical community to prescribe sport and activities like dance to help children with learning difficulties lead a life like any other.

The AllPlay™ program provides resources and education about inclusion for teachers, coaches, and parents, to increase opportunities for kids with disabilities to be physically active and truly included. It now covers AllPlay Footy, AllPlay Dance, AllPlay Learn, and AllPlay Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Footy.

Partnership At A Glance
  • ico kid

    227 Children Observation

  • ico scholarships

    30 Researchers including students
    15 Research Studies across AllPlay
    800 Parent Research

  • ico remote-area

    Expansion to USA, UK and INDIA.

Deakin University Moose Toys AllPlay

ACEing Autism partnership with UCLA!

It was a very proud day for our Moose USA team to attend the Deakin AllPlay AUSTRALIAN team and the UCLA ACEing Autism Team to hold an inaugural Pre-Learn Day. The Moose Happy Kids Foundation donation has laid the foundation for a long and exciting partnership between Deakin and UCLA to learn and share their research into the positive impact of sport and dance with children with learning disabilities.

Knowing that the AllPlay program has spread its wings to partner with reputable programs like ACEing Autism is a true dream to see the seed of an idea grow on a global scale.

Moose Toy AllPlay AFL Footy

AllPlay Footy making an impact with First Nations peoples across NSW and Victoria!

The team at Moose Happy Kids Foundation is beyond excited to extend their support at AllPlay to include AllPlay Footy which will work with elders in three key communities to learn and evolve the AllPlay model for First Nations Children.

"Many Indigenous children with autism and ADHD are undiagnosed and therefore miss out on services", said Professor Nicole Rinehart, Founder of AllPlay. "We want to bridge that gap through sport because we know group physical activity can be a key positive driver in a child's development."


AllPlay Learn launch at Elsternwick Primary School in Melbourne.

AllPlay Learn launch at Elsternwick Primary School in Melbourne 2019. MP Tim Richardson and students displaying some of the resources.


‘Making the World Fit for All Kids’ 2020 Conference,

Professor Nicole Rinehart making her keynote presentation, at the ‘Making the World Fit for All Kids’ 2020 Conference Melbourne.

AllPlay Pre-Learn Day @ St Kilda Football Club.
Moose was incredibly proud to be part of the ‘Making the World Fit for All Kids’ 2020 Conference in Melbourne!
AllPlay Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Footy creates a variety of culturally responsive programs.

“True collaboration requires dedication and time to develop relationships, time for ideas to come together, and time for trust and vision to organically develop. The moment this happens is almost like a bolt of electricity streaming through the room, it is truly magic. This has been the AllPlay journey over the past two years. Alone, as researchers, clinicians, business leaders, sitting in silos we can make small steps towards improving the lives of children and their families. But working together, we can make giant steps forward that have a measurable impact on society. Without the generosity of our partners and donors, AllPlay would not be delivering the positive community impact that it is today. So our deepest thanks to Moose Toys for changing lives.”

Nicole Rinehart – Professor of Psychology (Clinical) & Director, Deakin Child Study Centre

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