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Children's Ground

Children's Ground’s vision is for a world where all children and families live with dignity and are free from economic poverty and inequity. It strives to end complex and extreme injustice and disadvantage by transforming the system and evidencing a new Approach that is designed with First Nations people, celebrating First People’s culture and knowledge.

Children’s Ground is working towards a future where First Nations families can realise their aspirations for the next generation of children and have agency over their social, cultural, political and economic future; to be free from trauma and suffering, enjoy equity and safety, and grow into adulthood feeling happy and able to enjoy their identity, health, and wellbeing.

Children’s Ground is building an Australia that celebrates First Nations people and culture.

Our Partnership At A Glance
  • ico kid

    125 Kids Aged 0-5 Engaged In Program

  • ico family

    201 Kids Engaged In Learning Family & Cultural Activities across Northern Territory.


Everyone is connected.

In First Nations culture, a child cannot be separated from their family and community - everyone is connected. This is why we provide spaces for families to support and guide children in their learning.

Childrens Ground Charity partner

Early Years learning is extremely important!

At Children’s Ground, Early Years sessions incorporate creative, play-based activities using elements of the natural environment.


Learning to Nurture.

Learning to care for baby dolls fosters nurturing qualities in children - this is why Children's Ground always has dolls on hand during Early Years sessions.

It’s important for children to have their language, culture and identity reflected back at them in education settings.
Children’s Ground provides opportunities for children to creatively express themselves.
Health and well being are integrated into everything we do.

“Moose Toys loves to bring joy to children. Children’s Ground’s wonderful partnership with the Moose Toy Foundation is bringing rich play-based and quality early years learning and fun to  First Nations children in the NT. It is amazing to watch kids love of learning when they are learning through the richness of their first language and culture, as well as English. The Moose Toys Foundation is backing First Nations leaders and walking alongside Children’s Ground.  Together we are creating hope and opportunity with the next generation of First Nations children.”

Jane Vadiveloo, CEO, Children’s Ground

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