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Dream Doctors

The Dream Doctors Project is a non-profit organization that trains therapeutic medical clowns to work as integrated members of multidisciplinary medical teams in hospitals throughout Israel. The Dream Doctors mission is to promote medical clowning as an officially recognized paramedical profession so that every hospitalized child will benefit from an encounter with a medical clown. Today, 100 Dream Doctors work in 30 hospitals across the country, serving more than 200,000 patients annually. They assist doctors and nurses in more than 40 different medical procedures to improve patient wellbeing and advance the efficacy of healthcare delivery.

Our Partnership At A Glance
  • ico clown

    22 Dream Doctors
    18,900 hours of medical clowning

  • ico hospital

    22 Hospitals Supported

  • ico kid

    94,500 children reached

  • ico scholarships

    8 research grants


Moose Family visit to Dream Doctors

During a trip to Israel, the Moose family took time out of their family vacation to see first-hand what the Dream Doctors do inside hospitals and were very impressed! The visit made them even more passionate (if that is even possible!!) about supporting and partnering with this exceptional organization.

Dream Doctors Moose Toys Happy Kids Foundation

Transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary

Through creative play and endless imagination, Dream Doctors help distract children from the challenge of being hospitalized. When an instrument for dialysis becomes a headdress or a prop to perform a balancing act...reality becomes a world of wonder, play and possibility.


Emotional support for Children.

Dream Doctors understand being in a hospital isn’t comfortable or easy.  Whether through teaming up with a child to mirror and validate his/her fear and frustration, comforting preemie babies and mothers with gentle music, or making everyone laugh, Dream Doctors know how to ease a child's spirit and provide emotional relief to family members as well.

Bringing joy to children in Israel!
Bubbles are always a welcome distraction!
Testing out his new Red Nose....
This looks like fun.... All The Dream Doctors together!!
Making the patient the Doctor, helps children understand what is going on, and remove the fear.
Red Nose transplant complete!!

“The Dream Doctors Project began in 2002 with the aim of empowering hospitalized children during their most difficult moments. Our mission is to help every child connect to their inner strength and smile again, even when it hurts. During our journey, we had the privilege of meeting the Moose Toys Family, who had the exact same agenda! We immediately started working together, like one big family dedicated to helping children gain a sense of agency during their time in hospitals.  Together we have been able to offer more professional training to Dream Doctors’ medical clowns and increase their presence in hospitals.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Moose Family Foundation, we have been able to provide humanitarian relief to children in disaster zones all over the world.   Dream Doctors’ expertise in trauma relief and specialized care offers critical intervention for children coping with crisis and the impact of PTSD.

One of Moose’s greatest strengths is knowing how to help take a project one step further. The Moose Toys Foundation recognized the importance of building an evidenced-based practice and supported Dream Doctors to establish a scientific research fund for medical clowning in Israel.  We are so grateful to count the Moose Foundation as one of our valued partners.”

Tsour Shriqui – Director, Dream Doctors

For grantmaking outside of Australia, The Moose Happy Kids Foundation is a component fund of the California Community Foundation, a 501c3 public charity. Contributions to the California Community Foundation represent irrevocable gifts subject to the legal and fiduciary control of the foundation’s board of Directors.

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