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Healthy Humor

Like Moose, Healthy Humor hopes for a world transformed by humor, joy, and the power of human connection – a world less burdened by pain and fear. Healthy Humor is a US-based national nonprofit arts organization. They're healthcare clowns create moments of joy, wonder, laughter, and comfort for hospitalized children and all others who are most in need.

Red Nose Docs use the magic of healthcare clowning to help alleviate the stress, fear, sadness, and isolation of the hospital environment for young patients and caregivers. Their diverse team of actors, musicians, and magicians are specifically trained to work in the hospital environment. Using circus and theater skills, and working in teams of two, they create spontaneous, joyful encounters, reintroducing play and fun as natural parts of life.

Our Partnership At A Glance
  • ico clown

    10 Clowns

  • ico hospital

    2 Hospitals Supported - Loma Linda university Children's Hospital & Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

  • ico kid

    More than 70,000 Children reached per year


Launch of Healthy Humor at LOMA LINDA Hospital

What a special day! Healthy Humor officially launched its program at Loma Linda Hospital to the immense pleasure of all the kids who came to watch the Clown Doctors in action. Glenn and Belinda from our team joined the celebration, and both received an official red nose transplant!!!

Healthy Humor

Healthy Humor USA HQ Visit

The giggles were contagious today as the team from Healthy Humor paid our USA team a visit.

An important part of our philanthropy is ensuring our team gets to meet our partners and learn about the impact they are making. It helps build stronger connections and ensures the wider team at Moose is supporting our wonderful partners like the team at Healthy Humor.


Healthy Humor Laughter Training Melbourne HQ

Lucky Moosies at Melbourne HQ were treated to a belly full of laughter as Debra from Healthy Humor paid us a visit Down Under. Our partnership with Healthy Humor and their Red Nose Docs in the US is one we are all so proud of. Learning more about the impact the Red Nose Docs from Healthy Humor is having in pediatric hospitals around the US fills us with pride!

Celebrating the CHOP launch!
The Red Nose Docs celebrating the CHOP launch... YAY!
Glenn and Belinda after their successful red nose transplant.
Always bringing smiles to the room.
Red nose transplant complete!
Fun with bubbles at Loma Linda!

“We simply could not do what we do without Moose Toys. Their generous support helps our Red Nose Docs reach tens of thousands of children and their families at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. Healthy Humor is proud to be Moose Toys’ exclusive healthcare clowning partner in the United States. We are grateful for their support and look forward to deepening our partnership with them in the coming years so we can create more magic for more children at what is often the most vulnerable time of their lives.”

Dina Paul-Parks, Co-Founder and CEO, Healthy Humor, Inc.

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