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Humour Foundation

Moose Toys and The Humour Foundation are a match made in heaven. Just like us, their focus is on the Superhappy, by using humour to deliver incredible health benefits to children and their families.

Clown Doctors work in a unique way with children who are unwell in hospital. They parody the hospital routine so the kids feel less overwhelmed by medical procedures. Oversized medical equipment, 'red-nose' transplants, 'cat' scans, humour checks, and funny bone examinations are all part of their bedside manner.

As the Principal and Strategic Partner, our support means Clown Doctors in Australia deliver more doses of fun and laughter to more sick kids more often.

Our Partnership At A Glance
  • ico clown

    12 Clown Doctors
    275 Clown Rounds

  • ico hospital

    6 Hospitals
    50 Weeks Coverage

  • ico kid

    26,220 Children per Year
    51,411 Interactions

  • ico remote-area

    3 States Regional Tour - NSW, VIC & QLD
    1 State Dust Up - WA

Moose Toys Clown Doctors Charity Partner


It is a harsh reality that many families in regional areas of Australia, face driving several hours to visit a clinic, GP, and even to get to a hospital. With support from the Moose Happy Kids Foundation, the Humour Foundations Clown Doctors were able to bring this initiative to life and tour regional NSW, VIC and QLD. Bringing laughter, smiles and a much-needed distraction to those who truly need it.


The Team headed to WA for DUST UP 2019!!

We are super proud to support our wonderful partners at The Humour Foundation to take their program to remote, regional Australia and take part in a wonderful annual festival - Dust Up. The work with local First Nations People was such a highlight and opportunity to learn more about the heart of our nation was a big added bonus!

Clown Doctors Conference 2019

Clown Doctors Annual Conference 2019

Over 2 days, the Clown Doctors from across the nation come together to learn, share stories, challenge their craft, and set their vision for the year ahead. Yes, they are funny people, but they are also the most caring, deeply considerate, and passionate crew you will ever find. Moose Toys is so proud to be a primary donor and supporter - together we make children superhappy!

Moose Toys Charity Partners

Attention all who want to be Clown Doctors!!

The Moosies had a special treat when the Clown Doctors from The Humour Foundation (Australia) and the Dream Doctors (Israel) ran a very serious clown doctor training program. This is a serious business and we are happy to report that all Moosies left fully equipped to help make children happy. We are so grateful to have such strong and passionate partnerships with The Humour Foundation and The Dream Doctors. The opportunity to better understand how the Clown Doctors plan and deliver their humour, compassion, and empathy in a hospital environment was eye-opening and awe-inspiring!

Clown Doctors on Tour
Yes, Red Noses really do squeak! - Australian Regional Tour 2019
Clown Doctors visit Moose Toys
The Humour Foundation Annual Conference - 2018
DUST UP WA - 2018

“Moose and The Humour Foundation share a unique relationship. Both truly believe their reason for being is to make children happy! The Clown Doctors & Moose first met in 2010 and since then have become firm friends bringing fun and laughter to sick children in 24 hospitals around Australia. Their enduring partnership is shown by their mutual understanding, trust, and respect for each other and love for the children they help daily. Moose’s generous support has enabled the Clown Doctors to expand their visits to hospitals in Australian suburban areas, Rural, and Remote regions, and Indigenous Communities to demonstrate that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.”

Tony Warner – CEO, The Humour Foundation

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