Le Rire Medecin

Moose Toys began partnering with Le Rire Medecin in 2019. Supporting the trial of their innovative and much needed H.A.D Program. (Home Hospitalization visits by professional clown actors for babies, children, teenagers)
A close-knit collaboration between the artists and the healthcare teams, the H.A.D program enables the talented Clown Actors to visit children in their homes alongside the doctors, nurses, and specialists. The program aims to deliver the same distraction and moments of happiness to children moved to home hospitalization. This is a first for France and mainland Europe to run a program of this kind.

Our Partnership At A Glance
  • ico clown

    132 Professional Clown Actors

  • ico hospital

    18 Hospitals
    63 pediatric wards
    2 days a week in each unit

  • ico kid

    85 000 children in 2021

  • ico kid

    114 children hospitalized at home

  • ico family

    150 Parents, brothers and sisters
    38 assisted caregivers


Returning to work.....

Following the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on the medical clowning program, Le Rire Medecin Clowns are delighted to be back at 15 pediatric hospitals. This includes the weekly visits to children hospitalized at home (The HAD program).


Returning to work.....

Working within strict guidelines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the children, their families, and of course the clowns, the team is so excited to be back and bringing some happiness and relief to these children.


Exciting new Partnership!

The Moose Happy Kids Foundation is beyond excited to announce its expansion of supporting Clown Doctors around the world via a donation to Le Rire Medecin in France.

The donation will focus on the launch of the Home Hospitalisation Program where the wonderful team at Le Rire Medecin accompanies doctors and nurses to visit children receiving at-home care.

Congratulations to the team at Le Rire Medecin for driving such a wonderful initiative.

Lots of fun whenever the Clown Actors are about!
Even the Doctors get kisses sometimes!
The Clown Actors treat each child's situation with a different approach.
Clown Actors Gonzo and Sylvestre compress bumped into this Superhero at La Timone Hospital in Marseille.
Verveine and Johnny Croquette bringing a little bit of sunshine to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d'Angers !

Oh oh... what is Clown Actor Gustave Reblochon up to now!?

Le Rire Medecin has been offering dreams and humor to hospitalized children, their families and healthcare workers since 1991 in France. We have grown from a duo of professional clown-artists to a company of 100 strong and we are now present in 48 medical pediatric units, including one maternity unit and a special day clinic that treats abused children and teenagers. Each year, we give over 80,00 children of all ages an individualized visit with songs, magic and improvised play just for them.

Like our other clown-actors in this big, warm, international family, we are deeply grateful to Moose Toys for having seen beyond what words can describe. For Le Rire Medecin, the solitude and pain of children who are alone at home was unbearable and we dreamed of sending our artists along with their nurses on home hospitalization visits (HAD). This was made possible since the fall of 2019 by the intuitive genius, respect, and support of Moose Toys’ mission to promote the happiness of all children in the world.

Caroline Simonds, Founder and Artistic Director of Le Rire Medecin. Member of The Big Apple Circus’ The Clown Care Unit ( 1988-1991)

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