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Monash Children's Hospital

Moose has partnered with Monash Children's Hospital since December 2012. We are unbelievably proud to have helped make a real difference to children and their families during this time. Our Superhappy, imaginative touch is needed more than ever when sick children and their families are going through a difficult time in hospital.

In early 2017, Monash opened a new, state of the art 200-bed hospital making it the second biggest paediatric hospital in the country. We sprinkled our Moose magic throughout, creating multiple play areas. For children unable to leave their beds, there are interactive units so the play can come to them.

On Friday 23rd of April, we took our commitment to the Superhappy to the next level with the opening of the Moose Imagination Tree. A magical space has been designed to help transform the patient’s hospital experience.

Our Partnership At A Glance
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    1 Hospital

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    300,000 Children Per Year

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    1 Moose Imagination Tree


World First Imagination Tree Launched at Monash Children's Hospital thanks to Moose

On Friday 23rd of April, the Monash Children's Hospital launched a world-class interactive space designed to bring play and imagination to patients and their families thanks to Moose Toys.
This first of its kind tree, was the product of an incredible collaboration, creatively imagined by The Walt Disney Company and built through the generous support of the Moose Happy Kids Foundation.
Standing at over 16 meters tall, the tree spans over four levels of the hospital and provides patients and their families with areas to play and relax. This magical space has been designed to help transform the patient’s hospital experience.

Moose Toys Monash Childrens Hospital

Opening of the NEW Monash Children's Hospital.

The new Monash Children's Hospital opened April 2017, with just over 100,000 children per year using the services as inpatients or via the outpatient clinics. The Monash Children's Hospital is close to Moose HQ in Melbourne and us Moosies are SUPER proud to be major donors for the new pediatric hospital.

Our donation was focussed on creating moments of play and distraction. And we have delivered that from the moment you arrive - greeted by a playful Mr. Moose as a child with his friends riding a tricycle around the hospital's dandelion icon. Inside, the Monash Zoo was created - a raft of safari animals that provide endless hours of fun for patients and siblings. These wooden animals are not only looked at in awe but played with, climbed on, and loved.

Whilst going to hospital can be a daunting and scary experience, we hope that these moments of play help children cope with what is happening in their lives. Big congratulations to Monash Health for creating a truly welcoming and sun-filled place to help children recover and grow.


Christmas Delivery!!

Just because you are stuck in the hospital, it does not mean you do not get to receive cool new toys for Christmas. In addition to the run Santa was gearing up to do, the Moosie elves arrived with trolleys full of toys to deliver across the wards to sick kids and their siblings to bring some Christmas Cheer.

Happy Holidays to all the medical staff at Monash Children's Hospital who do an AMAZING job, ALL the time!

Mini Mr. Moose and his friends ride around the Monash Dandelion.
Moose Toys Christmas toy drive
Delivering toys, smiles and lots of love.
Art class is now in session with these Moosies.

“The generosity of Moose Toys has made an incredible difference to not only patients and their families at Monash Children’s Hospital but also to visitors and staff. As one of our biggest supporters, Moose has helped promote healing and well-being through the sharing of moments of joy. We are very grateful for the ongoing partnership and the difference that partnership will continue to make for children and their families while they fight for better health.”

Ron Fairchild – Director, Monash Health Foundation

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