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Playground Ideas

For Moose Toys, partnering with Playground Ideas was just a perfect fit. Playground Ideas is a non-profit organization that supports anyone, anywhere, to build a stimulating space for play using local materials, tools, and skills.

Playground Ideas recently launched Nüdel Kart and when Moose first saw this mobile play kart, we immediately saw its potential to positively impact children in some of the most hostile places on earth. The Kart can reconfigure in endless ways to encourage self-directed learning. Moose Toys is providing grants to create an instant solution for schools and communities in Australia and around the world to help children thrive.

Our Partnership At A Glance
  • ico playground

    115 playgrounds helped to build between July '19 - June '20.

  • ico kid

    60,000 children impacted by playgrounds built between July '19 - June '20.

  • ico active-play

    15 Play It Your Way Moose and Nüdel Kart Grants.

  • ico kid

    3500 Kids impacted by Nüdel Kart Grants between July '19 - June '20.

Nudel Kart

It's a cart, but not as you traditionally know it!

Introducing Nüdel Kart … the newest idea sparked by the entrepreneurial charity Playground Ideas.

When the team realized that there were places in the world where playgrounds couldn't be built, they came up with the idea of creating a pull-apart cart that allows kids imaginations to fuel all the different ways you can play. And let me tell you, there are hundreds if not thousands of options.

Nudel Kart Initial trials

Early trials of the Nüdel Kart, with a gorgeous group of kids in Lebanon.

The Nüdel Kart has undergone strenuous testing - both from a global health and safety review through to kids around the world putting it through its paces.

The development team from Australia sent a team to test and to learn from how the kids assembled, disassembled, played, and explored. This included a child play therapist/psychologist (not sure which) who was able to put these learnings into an easy to understand teachers manual.

The vision is to make Nüdel Kart accessible to large NGOs to get into refugee camps globally. And, affordable for schools to purchase and have on hand to encourage free play, imaginative problem solving, and hours of fun!
100% of profits from the sale of Nüdel Kart's go back to making play spaces and providing Nüdel Kart's for disadvantaged children and communities around the world

Playground Ideas, Nudel Kart and Moose toys

A trial a little closer to home - Melbourne Victoria.

This time with a true prototype of how Nüdel Kart will be manufactured.
We sent some Moosies to observe and learn. And by the end of the 2-hour session, they were worn out from playing shops, building robots, racing cars, discovering magical tricks, and more. There is no end to a child's imagination, and we were tickled pink to see our donation of bringing Nüdel Kart to life was also reinforcing our mission of Making Children Superhappy!

Big news on the horizon of where these Karts will be sent.


The Importance of Play!

The Moose Happy Kids Foundation has joined forces with Playground Ideas to fuel the flame of the value of PLAY!

The opportunity to support communities around the world access structural, safe, imaginative plans to create local playgrounds was a no brainer! And to help fund some of these less fortunate communities was the icing on the cake.

Play your way with the Nüdel Kart.
Endless possibilities.....
What should we create next....?
Taking the Nüdel Kart out for a spin.
It can be a boat, a see-saw, It can be anything!!
A Nüdel Kart was donated to a school in the Kingdom of Lesotho!

“Moose Toys and Playground ideas are aligned strategically but also share the same core values. Moose toys have a deep understanding of how children learn and play and how important that is for children’s development. This is fundamental to Playground Idea’s mission to create play anywhere. Moose Toys have been an integral part of the growing impact Playground Ideas has around the globe, reaching more than  2million (Feb 2020) children through play. They have also been instrumental in launching Nüdel Kart. We are excited about our continued partnership and what we can achieve together.”

Marcus Veerman, Founder & CEO, Playground Ideas

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