This Moose is on a mission: to make kids Superhappy!

Our shiny-eyed excitement can’t be contained. We live to give, which is why we created The Moose Happy Kids Foundation to share our special kind of feel-good far and wide. Thanks to our awesomely benevolent owners, it is innate to our culture to have an unwavering commitment to do our best to give back. Here, you’ll find out how we use the magic of laughter to help those who need it.

About The Foundation

For The Moose Happy Kids Foundation, play doesn’t stop with toys! We work with our all-star partners and community groups to create new programs, build new play spaces, fund play therapists and distraction therapy.

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Our Foundation Partners

The Moose Happy Kids Foundation has some of the most inspiring charity partners, all united with one common purpose, to make children superhappy.

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