Moose Happy Kids Foundation Partners

Our charity partners are all leading advocates for play and imagination, and they REALLY get what Moose is about. The unrelenting energy, the values that steer us and the common goal to make kids superhappy.

We choose to work with those who share a focus on one (or more!) of these sectors: Wellbeing, Opportunity, Empowerment, and Inclusivity and continuously create moments of happiness for vulnerable children around the world.

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Providing distraction therapy, laughter, and play stimulation to create moments of joy to kids receiving treatment.

When a child's health is taken away, laughter and happiness can be taken away with it. We want to change that. Wellbeing is all about those moments of joy that engage children, create smiles, and offer them ease during difficult times in hospital.

Lort Smith Pet Therapy

The Humour Foundation - Clown Doctors Australia

Dream Doctors - Israel

Healthy Humor - Healthcare Clowning US

Le Rire Medecin - France

Theodora Children’s Charity – United Kingdom

Monash Children's Hospital


Giving kids the opportunity to learn, grow, and reach their full potential through access to education, no matter where they live.

When you stop learning, you stop growing. We're committed to helping kids reach their full potential, from rural Australia to remote communities in Nepal. We aim to nurture the next generation and equip them with something no-one can ever take away; a good education.

Igniting Change

Adara Group

The Toy Foundation

Children's Ground


The Ethical Toy Program


One team, One dream.

We get kids involved in activities to help their developmental, physical, and mental health. No matter their culture, no matter their ability, we dismantle the barriers keeping children from play and learning activities.

Serious Fun Children’s Network – The Painted Turtle & Camp Colors of Love

The Wave Project