About The Foundation

This Moose is on a mission: to make kids Superhappy!
For The Moose Happy Kids Foundation, play doesn’t stop with toys. We partner with leading charities to help play have a positive impact in all kinds of ways.

At Moose, we pride ourselves on making totally terrific toys. But our belief in the potential of play goes beyond even that.

Working with charities and organizations, who are truly the best in the biz, to show how play can have a positive impact in all kinds of ways. Just like us, our partners have a laser beam focus on letting kids be kids. They want kids to explore, use their imagination, and find the Superhappy they deserve.

The foundation works with our all-star partners and community groups to create new programs, build new play spaces, fund play therapists and distraction therapy. The Superhappy reaches far beyond Australia and there are no limits for where we want to go.

With a team of Moosies as eager as ours, getting involved is a given. Our team donates their time and skills, then see the positive impact of play first-hand. Have a read about what’s been going on most recently in our News.

“Philanthropy has always been weaved into the very being of Moose. We as a business have a social responsibility to give back. Be it through time or money. The Moose Happy Kids Foundation was born out of this unwavering commitment to give back.”

Manny Stul, Executive Chairman, CEO, Co-Owner. Moose Toys

There are three key pillars that support our purpose and mission.


Operates in the Health sector.

Providing distraction therapy, laughter and play stimulation to create moments of joy to kids receiving treatment.

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Operates in the Education sector.

Giving kids the opportunity to learn, grow and reach their full potential through access to education, no matter where they live.

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Operates in the Activity sector.

Involving kids of all cultures and abilities to improve developmental, physical and mental health.

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