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Theodora Children’s Charity – United Kingdom

We are super happy to extend our support for medical clowning across the Globe. In 2023 we added the incredible UK charity Theodora Children’s Charity to our program.

For the past 29 years Theodora Children’s Charity in the UK has specialised in working with children with serious illnesses, disabilities and life limiting conditions to improve their mental health and wellbeing and build future mental and emotional resilience. Today their 22 Giggle Doctors help children to endure numerous, lengthy hospital stays, uncomfortable and painful treatments, and the isolation their illness/health condition brings. Every visit is completely free for parents and guardians, ensuring the visit is accessible to every child and their family.

Their specialist Giggle Doctor programmes bring joy and laughter to children and families when they need it most via child led play. At a time when the NHS is under immense pressure Giggle Doctors also bring a smile to the faces of clinicians, nurses and all the hospital staff they encounter.

'When I see the Giggle Doctors, I feel excited, happy and ready to laugh, they always make my time in hospital very enjoyable. I'm 11 now and I don't think they'll ever stop making me laugh!' Eleanor aged 11

Our Partnership At A Glance
  • ico clown

    38 Giggle Doctor Rounds

  • ico hospital

    22 Hospitals Supported

  • ico kid

    Close to 1000 children reached

Lots of fun whenever Doctor Flowerpot, Doctor Nic Nac, Doctor Mish Mash and Doctor Fancy Pants are around!
Having the best fun with magical bubbles!
The Giggle Doctors treat each child's situation with a different approach.

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