Moose Toys support charity partner Healthy Humor with the launch of the Red Nose Docs to another US hospital

Moose Toys charity partner, Healthy Humour is delighted to announce it’s Red Nose Docs expansion into new hospitals.

At Moose, we might clown around from time to time, but we know what’s truly important. Giving back is woven into our Moose DNA and there are no limits to how far we spread the  Superhappy. That’s why it was the best feeling to partner with Healthy Humor again. The Loma Linda in Southern California is the fifteenth hospital for the Red Nose Docs.

Healthy Humor is a nonprofit arts organization, that couldn’t be more on our wavelength. Using circus and theatre skills to reintroduce play as a welcome distraction for sick children. Creating unforgettable moments of joy, these professional performers help the children who need it most.

As an innovator ourselves, we’ve got a soft spot for pioneers. That’s why it’s super cool to partner with Loma Linda. It was the first hospital to carry out a successful neonatal heart transplant. This procedure has since been mirrored more than 2000 times globally. It was also the first hospital – still one of very few – to offer proton radiation treatment on-site to oncology patients.

Our new program will run two days a week starting in the U.S. spring.

‘The entire team at Moose Toys is thrilled to fund the Red Nose Docs at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital,’ said our Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Belinda Gruebner. ‘We’re incredibly grateful that our partnership with Healthy Humor allows us to positively impact the children who are being cared for by the wonderful team at Loma Linda. We cannot wait to see the smiles on kids’ and adults’ faces alike when the Red Nose Docs start their rounds!’

‘We’re very excited to bring our Red Nose Docs to Loma Linda Children’s,’ said Dina Paul-Parks, Healthy Humor’s CEO. ‘We look forward to contributing to the hospital’s continued success by offering up our special brand of humor, joy, and comfort to its young patients and their circle of caregivers.’

By spreading the Superhappy and sparking moments of joy with our Moose Toys charity partners, we’re finding that laughter might be the best medicine after all.